About Us

Welcome to Dojo!

Although Dojo is classically associated with martial arts, a Dojo is actually any place where one practices a pathway that leads to enlightenment, or more specifically, that leads to living in the Present.

When we created Dojo, we envisioned an environment that would help you live in the moment. A dining and drinking experience where superlative food, gracious hospitality, and affordable value would promote you being here with us now, letting go of what tomorrow holds or what the past has been. To be Present, if only for a moment, allowing yourself to enjoy everything the moment has to offer.

We look forward to you joining us at Dojo and experiencing innovative Asian inspired cuisine along with inspired spirits; an experience of hospitality and value that is not only good for your wallet, but for your soul as well.

We realize there are many dining options for you to choose from and we recognize the tremendous compliment given when you choose to dine with us. We will strive to pay that compliment back with the utmost gratitude by providing you with an unparalleled dining and drinking experience.

Welcome to Dojo.

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