Welcome Outdoor Retailers!

Outdoor Retailers Salt Lake City SummerSummer is our favorite time of year- Twilight Concert Series, patio parties, long walks on the beach, the wind in our hair…oh, and Outdoor Retailers! The show starts this week and we have lots of great specials to welcome all of you!

Check out our $7 Banzai Power Lunch- three course lunch for one great price! And we deliver to all of downtown, including the Convention Center! Welcome to Salt Lake! We like exclamation points!



Dojo on the Go!

Dojo on the Go Sushi delivery in SLC

Hey, remember that time when you really wanted Dojo, but your dang boss wouldn’t let you leave your desk? Or your mom wouldn’t give you a ride (hey, we don’t judge that you still live with you mom. Maybe you’re 12)? Anyhoo, guess what?!! We’re offering delivery now! Isn’t that the most awesome news you could hear on a Monday?

So here are the deets: we deliver lunch and dinner to downtown SLC, the University of Utah, and the Avenues (zips 84101, 84102, 84103, 84111, 84112, 84113) through Fetch Food delivery. There is a $3 charge up to $30, 10% over $30. That’s less than a tip (or it should be, Utah. Just kidding!)! So no longer do you have to be in a Dojo-deprived state. You’re welcome.

*don’t tell Kelly I used that picture. He thought it was controversial, but it was too funny not to use. Hey, we’re Asian, so it’s ok. Isn’t that the current opinion on stuff like that?



Twilight Concert Series Kick Off!

Twilight Concert Series Salt Lake City UT DojoI know your Thursday nights haven’t been the same since “Friends” went off the air, but prepare to have yourself some fun. Twilight Concert series starts THIS THURSDAY with Belle and Sebastian. Haven’t heard of them? Well, you have two days to brush up (they’re good- hey, they’re Scottish, what’s not to like?). AND if you’re too lazy to find out about them, just come to Dojo and sit on our patio. Enjoy some food and drinks and sounds by DJ Shawn Phillips. We’ll take care of your lazy bum.


Taste of Twilight

Twilight 2Hey, guess what? Twilight Concert series starts next week and to help kick it off, we’re having food and drink “features” (we have to use that word, like, what is this, the movies?) all week! Ok, I know it’s already Thursday, but you can still come in tonight and all weekend! And then get ready for the real party that starts next week!


Wax On, Sax Off

Chu and rob at dojo sushi salt lakeChu and Rob are back! Tuesday July 2nd at 7pm (I know that says 4/23, but I said July 2, ok?). The food and drink features are (drum roll, please):

$5 Sake-Tinis:

djChuOnWax-A-TINI, Rob-A-Tini, Green Tea-A-Tini, Orange-A-Tini, Apple-Tini, P. Haze-A-Tini, Pineapple-Tini, Peachy-Tini

 $3 Heinekens

 $3.50/$4.50 25 oz draft beers

 $6 Sushi: Wax On-Sax Off Roll, DMF, Lucky Vegas, Spicy-X, and X-Roll

$6 Chicken Katsu, Pork Katsu, and Chicken Teriyaki

Did Someone Say Lunch?

No lunch plans? Well step back, Dojo’s $7 Banzai Power lunches are in effect. Start off with miso soup, then your choice of one of the following: chef’s choice sushi roll, 4 pc nigiri, 4 pc sashimi, or chicken teriyaki, and a strawberry mochi ice cream for dessert. Where else can you eat a three course meal that is fresh and healthy for $7 bones? No where, that’s where.