Izakaya Tuesdays- what’s that you say?

Izakaya Tuesdays are in full effect! Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, Dojo, I don’t speak Japanese, yo.” Well don’t you worry your pretty little head. This is what it means- that your Tuesdays just got awesomer (it’s a word).

Every Tuesday we will have Japanese style tapas from $3.50-$7.50. But you know what makes that awesomer? We’ll have new ones EVERY WEEK! You heard right, Mr. Miyagi! (We’re Japanese so we can make fun of that stuff)

Also, for your beverage enjoyment:
25 oz Bud Light draft $3.5
25 oz Micro brew draft $4.5
Large Golden Plum hot sake $6

And just ’cause it’s awesomer- Live Music!!!

What?!! Isn’t Dojo the BEST?

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